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Our PASSION is ships and the sea; we strive to always respect Military Standers whilst embracing the future.
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Container Farms
Industrial & Gas Supply
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About US

Safwatec Group has an entrepreneurial spirit that allows us to be responsive to our clients. We work as a motivated team that delivers innovative, practical solutions that fulfill project needs and fit within the reality of our client’s budgets. Our business model allows us to deliver the best service in our industry and foster successful client relationships.







Our PASSION is ships and the sea; we strive to always respect Military Standers whilst..


Commitment to sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way..


To build a safer tomorrow and ensure a better quality of life for our customers and our community..


Our services

Chemicals & Tank Cleaning

With over 15 years of experience cleaning above marine tanks , we can meet all your tank

Facility Management

Here at Safwatec Group, we make the most of the skills and experience our facilities

Inspection & Rope Access

Safwatec Group , in the field of Maritime and Engineering services

Gas Detectors & Safety Devices

Monitoring your surroundings for hazardous gases is an important part of workplace safety

IT & Networking

We can provide IT services and we are specialized in designing, implementing

Shipbuilding & Repair

Safwatec Group have offered 24/7/365 specialist services, to many marine and offshore.

Our Response to COVID-19

In March 2020, Covid-19 arrived, resulting in an unprecedented response across the maritime industry. The announcement of the global pandemic and restrictions in every country meant we had to react quickly, nimbly and decisively, ensuring attention was directed to the practical needs of customers and the plight of seafarers during this challenging time.