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Safwatec Group

Chemicals, Tank Cleaning & Gas Free

With over 15 years of experience cleaning above marine tanks , we can meet all your tank cleaning needs. Our professional staff will be there to provide the service and support you need during aggressive turnarounds or tight maintenance schedules.

We have a solid reputation for providing exceptional service, a skilled workforce, quality workmanship and safety and environmental programs that lead the industry. Reliability, performance, and customer focus is our business. Site survey and health and safety
In addition, our service covers a site survey to assess the project. This survey informs our planning of a detailed method and reduces risk by exercising the best practices. In other words, it helps us ensure our personnel’s health and safety and a complete cleaning solution.
Man entry for tank cleaning – confined spaces.
Where required we have confined space qualified teams for man entry to the tank. They can ensure the tank is cleaned to the highest standards. As tanks begin to empty of their contents, that introduces air into the tank space. Some of the lighter chemicals in the oil or fuel begin to vaporize. This fuel-air mixture can be more volatile than the fuel itself due to the oxygen introduced into the gas. Best practice techniques
Our highly trained professionals have advanced cleaning systems that give them a couple of options. Inerting or purging the gas, pushing the fuel-air mixture out of the tank. That can either be replaced by an inert gas or assessed to check that the tank atmosphere is deemed safe.

These industrial tank cleaning techniques are most relevant to removing the tanks after removal of the fuel. It also applies to change of product within cargo tanks, chemical tankers and oil tankers where cargo vapour may contaminate the new product.
The tank cleaning workflow

  • Site meeting to assess the requirements, tank access and overall site conditions.
  • Provide a quotation and upon approval, issue our in-depth method statement and risk assessment.
  • Pump any existing fuel into our holding tank, temporary connections are made if required.
  • Access and clean the tank working to the detailed method statement.
  • Provide photographs after cleaning.
  • Refill the tank with the product from our holding tank via our fuel polishing equipment, if required.
  • Bleed any pipework and pumps, restart boilers and machinery.
  • Issue a waste transfer notice for the waste management and washing for the operation.

Additional services available during a tank clean

  • Fuel polishing when pumping the fuel back into the cleaned tank.
  • Fuel oil and diesel testing analysis with a full report of contamination and water content in PPM
  • Non-destructive testing and inspection when the tank is empty.
  • Pipework and tank pressure testing and certification.
  • Bund cleaning and lining.
  • Change of tank contents, the ideal time to clean the tank and inspect it prior to different produce going in.